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I Always Say….Don’t Listen to Me, Listen to My Clients:)

Here’s what some of my Clients and Customers have expressed through working with me as their Coach:

Beautiful Chris!“With Leah’s help and encouragement, I had my studio set up and was entering a juried art exhibition within days. She saw through my natural tendency to procrastinate, and presented the essential question – why NOT?

She seemed to know exactly what I needed to get going and finally realize one of my dreams –
Literally – within the span of a few days.

She’s just that good!”

~C. Clark, Salt Spring Island, BC

Mel's apple“Hey Leah, Thanks for lighting a fire under my butt – as always! Went for a run – back already
Feeling focused ~  You rock!

I really think your gift is bringing things to focus,
Illuminating the obstacles and then eliminating them,
Pushing me toward the first steps in the right direction.
I AM ON FIIIIRE. thx to you!”

~M. Williamson, Salt Spring Island, BC

robert“I was introduced to Leah by a mutual friend who thought I might benefit from her expertise in business coaching.  As an experienced businessperson, I was particularly intrigued about what I might learn from Leah to apply to my restaurant, my vacation rental and my art studio businesses.

What surprised me the most was Leah’s laser-like ability to see and understand the essentials of my diverse business enterprises.  A great listener, she has an uncanny ability to see and comprehend the separate qualities of each enterprise as well as useful insights into how they can complement each other.

Leah has a unique methodology for uncovering what I most needed, wanted and desired for each of my businesses.  In addition to that, she provided in-depth, ongoing assistance with marketing, consulting and overall strategy to achieve goals we identified together in our various coaching sessions.

With Leah’s expert guidance, I was able to exceed my business growth, training and marketing objectives.  Through her expertise and guidance, we’ve branched out successfully in new directions and reached a much expanded audience for the services we provide.

I wholeheartedly endorse Leah as a coach and business adviser.
She is trustworthy, dedicated and she has a great sense of humour!”

~R. Steinbach, Salt Spring Island, BC

389156_3711438098859_1439877914_n“Leah is unbelievably amazing as a coach, and a fantastic friend.  It happens that I had the privilege to work with her as my life & business coach and I won’t stop working with her, because of her results.  My life & business have dramatically changed for good since I met her.

Everybody started asking me:  ‘How did you manage to build your own business so fast?’  When it happens, I can only think of Leah. And of course myself implementing the strategies.

Leah is the kind of person that will push yourself to your limits! She is a motivator, a source of inspiration, and an a professional action taker. She has that kind of personal power!

If you work with her in any level of commitment, she will help you recognize your unlimited potential, to set up your goals and achieve them faster than even you believed it was possible.

With her constant support, I managed to build a successful home-based business in just 90 days. What I have discovered is that Leah puts her Heart & Soul to all she do as a professional, as an entrepreneur and as a mother.

She honors every commitment she makes.
I am deeply thankful to Leah, I was so blessed to having met her. She completely ROCKS!”

~H. Perez Terrones, Lima, Peru

Odette Graham“I will always treasure my experience with Leah.
In our time together, she helped me tap into my truth and my talent in such a beautiful way.

Leah is an incredibly creative thinker and I hope to receive
Leah’s guidance down the road once again!”

~O. Graham, Salt Spring Island, BC

“Leah’s coaching style is so much based in listening, that her very presence is a clearing for transformation. She does not bring her own “stuff” to the conversation, and her process in coaching is gentle, yet firm and grounded in process and experience. I particularly appreciated the resources Leah was willing to share as teaching tools.”

-S. Cowan, Salt Spring Island, BC

“Since the beginning of my Coaching relationship with Leah, the biggest improvement in my life so far has been stress reduction and more balance in my life (which has improved my sleep!).
I like the flexibility of focusing on whatever is happening for me,
and I find my Weekly Action Plan achievable.”

-M. Mullen, Salt Spring Island, BC

“The sessions with Leah help me to put things I already know in better focus and help me to feel
more grounded.  My goals have become clearer and positive as opposed to worrying about obstacles, and I find it easier to remind myself to relax in stressful situations.  I really like being able to come in together with my husband sometimes and really focus on any interpersonal issues.”

-M. Coupland, Salt Spring Island, BC

“Leah’s gentle insight and Coaching saved my life!
I gave voice to a decision that I was previously kind of afraid to say out loud.  The content of our time is always so valuable.  I would recommend her to anyone!”

-J. Snell, Vancouver, BC

“Leah’s Coaching…man, where do I start? It’s like I now have access to just so much clarity on so many different levels.  I can see how parts of myself haven’t been talking to each other, and now I understand why it’s been so hard for me to truly accomplish anything.  I wish I would have known this sooner!  I feel just so thankful for having her as my Coach!”

-S. Thomson, Calgary, AB

“Leah has range and ability to really Coach.  It was an amazing, resourceful, creative process
where I achieved more than I imagined from the session.
It was a profound, complete, and powerful experience.”

-S. Jones, Vancouver, BC

“Somehow Leah was able to perceive certain things about me – issues that were weighing me down.  I left the session in a strong resourceful state and was able to carry out the rest of my day with lightness and energy.  I would have gone back home to bed had I not worked with Leah.”

-C. Greger, Vancouver, BC

“Oh my God, another transformational moment in NLP!
Leah’s creativity, flexibility and Coaching really allowed me to experience and deeply integrate a memory I had from childhood into my present self.  It was very profound.  Thank you, Leah!”

-K. Hamilton, Vancouver, BC

“Leah led me through an exercise that totally transformed my experience of a particular fear, so that now I’m not feeling it!  It was a totally different and wonderful phenomenon that I discovered quite by surprise!  This has more than exceeded my expectations.”

-J. Rosgen, Surrey, BC

“Leah is excellent at helping me with my visualization. I actually felt a physical shift as well as a mental one with this session’s timeline exercise and have now released a limiting belief that has been stopping me from being successful!  I can’t wait for my next session!”

-M. Haley, Whistler, BC

“Leah is a fabulous Coach with ease and skill.
She led me through a process that brought me to greater clarity where I was able to let go of my anxiety around my money history and we made a practical plan to gain financial abundance.”

-T. McAlpine, Richmond, BC

“Wonderful!  Leah is an experienced and very intuitive Coach. 
The exercise we did was very powerful and I was able to replace a very restrictive belief with something much more in line with who I am becoming. I would recommend her services to others.”

-N. Zadworny, Vancouver, BC

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