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People always ask me “what I Do”.


I tell them that I’m someone who asks the right questions – and then listen – so that they can discover the answers already within themselves.
Humans aren’t broken.  And they aren’t ‘bad”. They are whole and complete and perfect just the way they are.
Sometimes they lose their way.  Sometimes they just need guidance.
People screw up all the time – and that’s awesome – it’s Failing Forward 🙂  It’s a part of our Human Adventure and it’s how we get to learn and distinguish what we want and what we don’t want.  What we like and what we don’t like.  What our GENUINE Desires are and what we will never tolerate again.


More often than not, what they need – what we all need – is to BE SEEN, BE HEARD and BE LOVED.


To BE WITNESSED for who we truly are and be honoured in that.
So – that’s “what I do”.  I ask questions, and I listen and I help you find your way back to who you really ARE.
It’s a creative and co-collaborative process and it takes you (Yep – YOU!) to do the work. It can also be an intense process – but it’s also a LOT of FUN!  After all, we learn better and can activate higher levels of consciousness and progression when we enjoy ourselves – so we don’t need to make it serious all the time.
We also don’t need to make it complicated.  So over the last 15 years that I’ve been Coaching, Speaking, Educating and offering my Playshops and Seminars – I’ve created SIMPLICITY in everything.


Simple-to-follow Systems.  Easy-to-understand Road Maps.


And Strategies and Tools to Accelerate YOUR Success – whatever your definition of that is – in Life and in Business, through my comprehensive Coaching and Educational Courses and Seminars; both online and offline.
If you feel like you’re ready to explore more of what’s possible for you – SIGN UP for my complimentary Creating Clarity Coaching Session HERE.


What to Expect: This a completely a no-obligation session.  When you click on the link, it’ll take you to a page where you get to answer some questions ahead of time so that we can make the best use of our time together. Once you have completed this, you’ll then be directed to my online scheduling system to choose the best available time for you.
This session is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Spots are very limited each month and fill quickly.  If you are drawn to exploring what is possible for yourself, then don’t delay ~ you are encouraged to sign up now.  **Please note that even though my Creating Clarity Coaching Session is free, I still commit my best to these sessions, and I expect the same of you.  “No-show’s”, for any reason other than a true emergency, are not offered again and are not re-scheduled.
During this 20-30 minute session, we will look at some of the ways we can partner and work together for you to truly start living life on your own terms.  If there isn’t a good fit, then no worries! There is no obligation to sign up for any of my private or group Coaching or Training programs, and you will still leave with either a Profit-Building Action Plan or a Clear Strategy of Engagement that you can immediately put to use.


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I look forward to meeting you!


Who My Coaching and Training is For:


My Business Coaching & Training is best suited for Creative, Conscious and Value-Driven Entrepreneurs that are Passionate about Contributing Positive Change in the world.
My Life Coaching, Playshops and Education is best suited for Health-Oriented individuals who are seeking to Live Boldly, Vibrantly, Creatively and with Optimal Performance.
My clients have a variety of life experiences and a diverse skill-set.  They are people that are “Idea People”, seeking to explore, understand and improve the quality of their lives and those around them.
They are people that are highly creative, healthy, community-oriented and are often found spreading themselves between multiple projects.  They sometimes lack clarity, focus, and may not know where to start or the next best steps.
My Business Clients may not understand how to use the power and variety of online and offline business tools at their disposal and may feel that they are spinning their wheels with their efforts. They often feel alone and seek to be a part of a larger community, while also thriving as an Entrepreneur!


So, if I were now speaking to you directly as someone who is a great fit for what I offer, it would be this:


You are someone with a Big Heart and a ton of ideas. You have a strong feeling of wanting to create something of lasting value for the world. To produce positive change. You give where you can, but you know there is something more, something bigger, that you are here to create.
You really want to have a good balance of home-life, work-life, love, health and play, but perhaps this is not something that is in your current reality.  You may find yourself constantly juggling your time and dancing between all of these, while not meeting your own expectations and desires of how you would like to truly experience them.
You tend to lack focus with your ideas or don’t always know what direction or steps to take to get where you want to go.  You may find yourself starting a lot and not finishing ~ OR ~ you may never really start on your Great Work because you allow everything else to take up the time and energy needed to create this.
You want to be Genuinely Financially and Creatively FREE.  You’d like to be your own boss and run your own “thing” ~ and if you’re already in business, you definitely want to be more successful at it. You want better results ~ faster ~ with the same amount (or less!) time and effort.
You have something from your past that you want to let go of.  It may be a limiting belief, it may be a health issue, it may be a memory that is no longer serving you.  Whatever it is, it’s there, it’s still affecting your day-to-day reality and you want to make peace with it and let it go.
You Desire to BE More Creative!!!!  And to play more.  And to laugh more. And to travel more.  And to have more adventures!  And you want to have this more in your life NOW, and not when you have “retired”.
You want More Time, More Love, More Money and More Energy!  And you wanted it yesterday, thank you very much.


Who This is NOT For:


I believe that there is the best-match Coach out there for everyone, and that we each have our people to serve.  That being said, here is who will not be a good fit with my style and energy:
~People who are not willing to work. Period.
~People who are more in love with their excuses than their Goals and Dreams
~People who cannot commit to an organized system and a schedule.  I bring a lot of creativity into what we do together and there is always room to adjust course, but if you just want to go with the flow and “wing-it”, then we will not be a good fit.
~People who are unwilling to try something new
~And finally, People who are looking for anything instantaneous. The Big Instant Easy Button doesn’t exist!
Okay!  So now that we know whether what I offer is a good fit for you, and if what I am sharing has resonated with you so far, then you are invited to schedule your complimentary Creating Clarity Strategy Session HERE.


My Mission:


My Passion is in assisting YOU to Discover your TRUE Purpose in Life and Business.
To witness and support you in Aligning your Choices, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and Habits to your True DESIRES.
And to guide and mentor you in finding and successfully utilizing simple, yet powerful Tools and Strategies you can implement immediately to:


Create Your Best Business

Create Your Best Life

Live Your Dreams, with Balance, Love and Purpose!


Contact Leah today to start Really Living Life on your own terms.


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